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To help protect your staff during the current Covid-19 situation, we can provide a number of products to help keep your pharmacy, medical practice or essential shop open. These products will help with staff protection and social distancing. Below are some examples of the product we offer, many of which are a stock item. Should you see anything of interest, please don’t hesitate to contact our office for further assistance @ +353 (0)4690 71504 or

Reception Desk / Medical Center / School Reception Security Glass Screens:

Full glass protection screens fitted to any type of reception counter / desk. This type of protection is much easier to maintain compared to basic perspex which can scratch and mark very easily when cleaning. We can also provide full electronic speech transfer units with built-in induction loops to cater for natural speech transfer.

Transfer Hatch:

Full Stainless Steel construction from exterior grade polished stainless steel, these transfer hatches are ideal for staff protection from the public. Your existing shopfront window can be modified very easily to house these units. We also supply an electronic audio speech transfer system for more ease of use. The units are very robust and include special heavy duty runners that can cater up to 160kgs. These units are a stock item and ready for shipping.

Transfer Trays:

We manufacture various types of countertop stainless steel transfer trays to cater for every situation. Most of our trays are in stock. Some of the transfer trays below are fitted to walls for exterior use.


Transaction Windows:

Our standard security transaction windows come with security laminated glazing, deep stainless steel transfer tray and hard wearing service top. We generally have stock available ready to go. These units are generally fitted into walls and offer a solution to those shops that have no shopfront [like in shopping centres]. A temporary wall can be fitted within the shop to facilitate these windows.


Audio Units / Intercoms:

We offer various types of electronic audio speech transfer units, most available from stock. Some units have an induction loop system built-in for people with hearing aids. These units can be fitted to most security screen or shop front situations.