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Security Cash Drawers

Strong, secure and built to last, Armour Shield Security Cash Drawers are the ultimate in securing your cash.

All our high security drawers incorporate industrial grade drawer slides, robust security deadlock and heavy duty pull handles [built-in to the drawer front for hassle free operation, eliminating loose handles!]. Our security drawers have been installed in Credit Unions, Bookmakers, Pharmacies, Foreign Exchanges, Supermarkets, Ticket Offices, Tote Offices, Retail Shops & Filling Stations. Our slim line Credit Union Security Cash Drawer has been specifically designed to cater for tight workspaces. The removable insert also caters for those large cheques that get stuck behind normal drawers.

Credit Union Security Cash Drawers

Our customisable removable drawer inserts can cater for notes, coins and large cheques. These inserts can be securely stored in our lockable cash float lockers / storage unit / till safe [normally located in the strongroom or cash office]. Each compartment is individually locked and assigned to a staff member. Staff can remove their insert and use any teller point at the service counter. When the staff member wishes to go for a break or finish for the day, they simply remove their insert from the security drawer and leave it empty for the next staff member to use. The insert is then returned to the secure storage compartment. This system is ideal for large supermarkets with numerous till positions and staff.

Time Delay Pedestal Units

Till Safe/Coin Storage

Custom made heavy duty steel storage units for housing / storing large quantities of bulk coin. Our units are available in any size to suit your requirements.