Security Glass Screens

All Armour Shield Security Glass Screens are custom manufactured to meet with any client requirement using fully certified security laminated glass. We offer a full range of attack resistant and ballistic glazing including BR1, BR2, BR4 and BR5 security glass. Our glazed security screens can be mounted in a variety of support structures using stainless steel, mild steel [to selected RAL colour] or timber. We work closely with our clients and with the expertise we have to offer, we develop and manufacture solutions to suit their specific security requirements. All our glass is certified and tested to European standards including EN1063, BS5051, LPS 1270, BE EN356 & EN12600. We also offer fire rated [30mins or 60mins] ballistic security glass to all ballistic glass levels.

Please see below for examples of our security screens which have been installed to various sectors, including financial institutions [Credit Unions, Banks etc], public service counters, cash offices, ticket offices, reception counters, bookmakers, hospitals, post offices, data centres and foreign embassies.

Our main types of security screens:

Anti-Bandit Security Glazing:

Normally uses full sections of BR1 or BR2 Security glass, all designed and manufactured to deter and eliminate vaulting a counter. The transaction takes place using one of our transaction trays and speech transfer is catered for either through this transaction tray or by means of an Armour Shield advanced electronic audio speech enhancement unit.

Vertical Ope: [For Natural Speech Transfer]

Similar to our Anti-Bandit security screens but we use polished sections of laminated glass to create a clear vertical ope. This vertical ope caters for natural speech transfer and it splays out as it meets the counter top to cater for A4 transactions eliminating the need for transfer trays.

Full Ballistic Glass / Bulletproof Glass:

This type of security screen uses BR4 or BR5 fully certified EN1063 ballistic or “Bulletproof” security glass for the ultimate in staff protection. This bullet resistant glass screen is normally mounted on one of our steel structured security counters to maintain a full ballistic barrier.

Fire Rated Security Ballistic Glass Screens:

You can now specify ballistic rated security glazing with either 30mins or 60mins fire rating. All screens are fully certified and are available in various sizes. Please enquire for more details.

Secondary Security Windows:

Special Custom made security windows mounted in a special support structure with two different finishes, stainless steel or powder coated steel to selected RAL colour. These windows can be fitted to observation rooms, interview rooms, security reception areas.